For Business Owners & Professional Practitioners:

Stand in Your Authority So Clients Can Pay You What You Deserve

A mentor-guided experience to help you charge premium prices and get loyal clients as you overcome the self-sabotaging mistakes that people who are "too nice" make.


"I’m naturally a nice guy. And I found out I was way undercharging for what I did. A few months ago, I came to Ray... and that resulted in $200,000 a year of new business."

Chris Busch
Founder and CEO of LightQuest Media

Finally Get the Pricing and Clients You've Been Rehearsing For

Master the Art of Owning Your Space

Understand the ways that you sabotage your sales process. Take new risks. Fail. Succeed. Do it all in a safe and courageous environment with a supportive mentor. Practice stepping forward, owning your space and standing in your own authority for the sake of your business until you create the epic breakthrough you need in your client enrollment conversations.

Discover the Epic Difference You're Supposed to Make

Discover the signature influence that moves your ideal tribe to action. Unlock the epic marketing possibilities of your highly unique story, voice and values. Develop powerful vision and confidence for your premium marketplace brand so you can achieve the client base, pricing model and business freedom you deserve.

Posture Yourself for Epic Influence

Build your foundation for premium pricing. Create marketing messages that are "on brand" with your signature influence. Watch how ideal potential clients find it super-attractive. Now it's time to charge what you're worth. Never again will you have to be "salesy" or beg for someone to purchase when you're owning your space and standing in your own authority.

Finally Kick the Self-Sabotaging Mistakes that Keep Your Business Stuck

I totally "get" it.

It's PAINFUL. Your dream business or professional practice isn't happening because the money ain't coming in like it should.

You don't have enough clients. And your existing clients aren't paying you premium rates.

So let me ask, are you...

  • Giving people too much of your time and energy?
  • Feeling pressure to make everyone happy, often at the expense of your own interests?
  • Coming up with excuses for why you can't charge what you're worth?
  • Getting taken advantage of by others?
  • Discounting your rates or prices too much?


If this sounds like you, then you've actually sabotaged the growth of your rates and client base by making some of the classic mistakes that "nice" people make.

And it's okay... the problem is fixable. You can turn things around.

Your business dream is still possible.

But first, you need to get clarity about where you are right now:

This crisis has made you lose REAL freedom. Financially, emotionally and personally.

You don't have a premium brand that can charge premium prices. And it's costing you.


Why Do Some Succeed?

I used to be a nice guy…

But now… I’ve chosen to become a good guy.

My name is Ray East.

I’m the Business Mentor for People Who Are Too Nice to Charge What They're WorthTM

And over the last 12 years of training and coaching different business owners and practitioners, I started to wonder why:

Why are some people able to make a super-profitable business out of being compassionate and making a difference while others can't?

Here's the answer I observed:

Some business owners were effective at "doing nice" while others were effective at "doing good" for people.

Nice vs. good.

Nice people finish broke.

Good professionals grow their client base and charge what they’re worth.


How Does Being Nice Hurt a Business?

I've found that most people with poor business results are in the habit of practicing a dysfunctional form of kindness.

This dysfunction is a collection of socially-acceptable but self-sabotaging mistakes that we call acting “nice.”

These “nice” mistakes create a bottleneck that greatly reduce a person's power to create a powerful influence through their marketing materials and sales conversations. Here's the bottom line, spelled out:

Nice people make self-sabotaging mistakes that block their potential clients' ability to make the 5 commitments that lead to every purchase decision.

Did you know that there were 5 commitments that lead to every purchase decision?

And actually, 100% of all of your future clients must make these 5 commitments, or else they will never become your clients. The commitments they have to make are: 

  1. The Commitment to Spend Time on You
  2. The Commitment to Make a Change in Their Life
  3. The Commitment to Invest in a Solution
  4. The Commitment to Be Open to Your Solution
  5. The Commitment to Overcome Their Objections


And the problem is that nice people unconsciously destroy their ability to inspire all 5 of these commitments.

This is the highly-specific way that nice guys and gals destroy their business dreams.


It’s not a marketing problem.

It’s not a sales problem.

It’s a self-sabotaging subconscious problem.


And the negative effects of this head problem will continue to show up in nice people's bank accounts until they fix their mindset and marketplace influence.

This is why nice professionals can't get enough clients or successfully build the brand foundation they need to raise their prices.

They need to learn how to create an epic influence in their field and use that power with integrity.

This is what Epic Influence Academy is all about.


Meet Ray East

Ray East is the internationally-recognized Business Mentor for People Who Are Too Nice to Charge What They're Worth.™

Over the last 12 years, he’s helped hundreds of high-achieving compassionate game-changers discover breakthrough strategies to experience powerful results.

He's also a former Fortune-500 executive at MetLife and international attorney at White & Case LLP.

Ray holds a J.D. from the Columbia University School of Law, an M.A. from The Johns Hopkins University, and a B.A. from Vassar College. He received his training in co-active life coaching from The Coaches Training Institute.

""My business was really in bad shape and I was too... [But today] I can look at my financials and tell you exactly what Ray did to change my business... Now, my business is doing really well”"

Jonathan Ankeny
Founder // The Small Business CFO

""I am farther ahead in my publishing business than I could have anticipated... Thanks to you, I have broken through this huge barrier in my professional life.”"

Lynn Bethel
Founder // Style & Life

"I never thought I would have professional success. Actually... even just to think that I would have something where I was financially stable was like a stretch. But I'm now in a position where I think I'm going to be wildly successful and financially successful... Thanks, Ray!"

Wynter Galindez, Esq.

Your Sales and Marketing Can Never Be Any More Effective Than You Are.

It's never too late to create the clients and results you deserve.

But first you must realize that when you make the self-sabotaging mistakes that a "nice" business person makes, it all happens at the subconscious level, so you don’t even realize it.

And it’s okay...

The problem is real but it’s utterly fixable. People fix it all the time.

But you have to stop looking for the next “shiny new object” that can save you.

Stop looking for a better way to do marketing.

Stop looking for a new sales technique.


Let that sink in.

Nothing is going to work well  with potential clients out there until things work well inside your head.

Do you want to get massive traction with clients?

Start spending as much time and attention on your mindset as you do on your marketing.

Discover how to dramatically upgrade your rates, your client base and your confidence with your own Business Mentor--Ray East.

Remember Your Dream. 

It's Time You Got Rewarded
(with Clients and Better Prices)
For All You Give

In just 30 days, you can start experiencing what it's like to create the business results that, up until now, you've just been rehearsing for!

What Makes Epic Influence Academy Different?

There is nothing else like it.

Epic Influence Academy is designed to help business owners and practitioners make the jump from nice to good so they can get paid a premium price for their hard work.

The experience is facilitated by someone who is both a trained life coach and an experienced business strategist.

You need both forms of expertise to handle the personal development and the business strategy aspects of making the jump.


Bottom Line:

There's nothing out there like The 30-day Accelerator Experience by Epic Influence Academy for business owners and practitioners who want:

  • To make the jump and grow a premium client base
  • To grow a premium brand
  • To charge premium pricing
  • To achieve world-class business results while making a difference for people on a massive scale

It's a simple pathway to get your business or professional practice unstuck for real. It's for compassionate world-changers who are ready to find loyal clients who are willing to pay premium prices.

Are you ready to do what it takes?

Are you ready to build the kind of premium brand foundation that can sustain a premium pricing model?


How You Will Be Supported:

Over the course of 30 days, you will have four private laser coaching sessions (via phone or live web) with Ray East to help you quickly remove the blockages to client base growth and upgrading your rates/prices. Your sessions will also help you develop a powerful vision for your premium marketplace brand.


You will be given a QuickStart Accelerator Assessment so you can see with more clarity what exactly is standing in your way. We’ll discuss the steps you need to take for immediate help as well as long-term results.


You will be given customized training that draws from the fields of business strategy, personal development, marketing, sales, personal branding and social media. The focus will be on helping you achieve the goals you choose concerning new clients, upgraded pricing and developing a powerful vision for your premium marketplace brand.


You will be asked powerful questions to shift your paradigm and help you become aware of your blind spots and self-sabotaging mistakes.


We will celebrate your successes as well as so-called “failures” as you practice new strategies, get better at them and grow in confidence.


You will be given life-giving assignments each week to help you achieve whatever profitability and client base goals you choose.


You’ll have weekly accountability and coaching feedback to help you apply what you’ve learned and stay focused on achieving whatever results you choose.


You'll have access to unlimited email support.

Let's Get Going!


Exactly how many potential clients slip though your fingers each month because of your weakened authority during enrollment conversations?

How much more should your bank account suffer because people can't tell why they need to choose you?

How much is the world suffering needlessly because you haven't mastered how to move people more powerfully?

A lack of a handling your self-sabotaging "nice" mistakes may have already cost you far more than you realize.



Per Person

FOUR Private Laser Coaching calls with Business Mentor Ray East (45 minutes each) over a 30-day period


The QuickStart Accelerator Assessment (typically given during the first session)


Unlimited email support over a 30-day period


It's Time You Got Rewarded
(with Clients and Better Prices)
For All You Give

In just 30 days, you can start experiencing what it's like to create the business results that, up until now, you've just been rehearsing for!